Silver Foiled Prospectus Pack
Pagination: 28pp and 24pp booklets, 2pp postcard
Size: 220 x 260mm
Colour: 0/0 silver foiled case, 4/4 booklets with a foiled cover, 4/4 postcard with silver foil one side
Material: 2000 mic high density board as base, 135gsm Colorplan Imperial Blue outer wrap mount, 135gsm Colorplan pale grey inner line, 350gsm Colorplan pale grey inner pockets
Finishing: Foiled x 4 positions (front, back, flap & pocket), Wrap mounted cover to board, Die cut pockets & hidden magnet clasp, Inserted magnets, hand made up; Foiled booklet covers and postcard; Fold, stitch, trimmed booklets.

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