Time to start thinking about company Christmas cards?

If your business still sends out Christmas cards to business contacts and clients, you might want to start your planning now. The festive season may still seem a long way off, but to make sure your cards are on brand and well thought out, you should start planning now.

The type of card you send will likely depend on your business; for traditional and well established companies a colour scheme of fail-safe red and green, with lots of traditional motifs like robins, trees and snowy scenery might appeal most to business contacts and clients.

If your company is a hip young start-up then something more contemporary might suit your brand better. Commission an up and coming illustrator or cartoonist to create a funny drawing, or take a group photograph of your employees in Christmas jumpers.

For cards sent directly to clients you could consider sending a voucher or discount code for your services or products along with the card. While direct mailings can often find themselves in the recycling bin, the added value of a Christmas card and the goodwill of the Christmas season could work in your favour and lead to more uptake of the voucher.

It might be tempting to switch to digital and simply send your clients and contacts an e-card, but consider for a moment how you feel on opening a card – it feels nice, even coming from a corporate entity. That positive frisson doesn’t occur with an email – you’ll be very lucky if people even read past the subject line before dragging it into their ‘junk’ folder.

Corporate Christmas cards can be an excellent way to build goodwill and maintain brand awareness, but a bad card could be worse than no card at all! Make sure your design and printing are top quality to get the best results.

Ashwyk uses HP Indigo digital printing technology, offering some of the highest quality digital printing available. We have established a great reputation for short run, fast turnaround printing so get in touch today to see how we can help with your Christmas card needs.

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