HP Indigo 7900: The Pinnacle of Digital Printing – Elevating Print Quality and Creativity with White and Metallic Inks

HP Indigo 7900: The Pinnacle of Digital Printing – Elevating Print Quality and Creativity with White and Metallic Inks


In the ever-evolving world of digital printing, one name stands head and shoulders above the competition – HP Indigo, and when in the hands of an experienced printer like Ashwyk, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

At Ashwyk, we combine cutting-edge digital printing technologies with traditional techniques, such as foiling, embossing, and gilt edging. At the heart of our work lies the magic of white ink, variable data, speed of production and quality of product.

Now, with the new addition of the HP Indigo 7900, there’s even more reasons to consider Ashwyk as your print partner!

Here’s what makes our new press special:

Dazzling Metallic Ink: The Indigo 7900 allows us to incorporate stunning metallic inks, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your designs.

Brilliant White Ink: With white ink printing, we can produce vibrant, eye-catching designs on coloured and recycled paper stocks.

Precision and Detail: This press excels in sharpness and detail, ensuring that your materials stand out for all the right reasons.

Variable Data Printing: Our new press enables us to personalise your print materials, making customised marketing campaigns more accessible. In full colour, white ink or metallic.

Heavy Substrates: The Indigo 7900 can handle heavy substrates, opening up a world of possibilities for your projects, from durable business cards to unique packaging. We can also duplex/triplex mount for any thickness of substrate.

Our approach is all about merging the best of both worlds. While embracing the latest digital printing technologies, we haven’t forgotten the charm of traditional techniques. Foiling, embossing, and gilt edging, when combined with white and metallic inks, create prints that are nothing short of breathtaking.

HP Indigo and Ashwyk share a commitment to innovation. The HP Indigo 7900 isn’t just an offset digital press, it’s a revolutionary force in the world of print.

If you’re looking to elevate your print projects to a new level of quality and creativity, experience the future of printing with Ashwyk and HP Indigo.

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