The perfect business card

What does your business card say about you?

They may be small in size, but actually, they have a great impact on your brand. Over the years you will have seen hundreds or even thousands of varying types of business cards. The cheap online cards, the middle of the road corporate cards, and the ‘Wow… Look at these cards’.

Well, we’re into the ‘Wow’ kind of cards. We’ve been producing them for years and have fully mastered the art of stunning business cards – the type that can truly reflect the standard of your brand.

Having lovingly printed and finished high quality cards for designers, brands, and individuals, we’ve noticed certain trends: foiling, debossing, white ink, raised UV, creative stocks, gilt edging, etc.

The perfect card


There is one type of card, however, that we believe stands out from the rest. It doesn’t break the bank and is a truly bespoke high end finish. We call them CP 540 & CP 700 with foil or deboss.

CP stands for Colorplan, which is the type of paper, and the 540 & 700 is the weight of card in GSM (grams per square meter). These cards are usually printed one side (normally contact details) on our HP Indigo digital press. The cards can be printed on any shade of Colorplan. If the stock is dark, then we can just use white ink. The reverse (normally the logo side) is then either foiled or debossed, again on any colour stock.

Why HP Indigo?


It’s the best quality digital printing press, simple as that. The technology is liquid toner which uses an offset process that matches lithography. And the reason why it should be digital is that all business cards are short run. If a 1000 business cards are printed, that’s only 63 sheets. It’s less waste, so better for the environment, and the set up time is much quicker than traditional litho.

Why foil or deboss?


Because it looks stunning. When we foil we foil hard, leaving a slight deboss which really adds to the tactile design. We have plenty of colours: gloss gold & silver, satin gold & silver, rose gold, copper, holographic, black, red, green, blue, teal, purple, pink…

Deboss adds extra depth. A blind deboss is my personal favourite. Blind meaning no print, just a stamped impression (see pic below).


We can also do embossing which also looks great. This is slightly more expensive as you need a counter-force for the die. Basically a deboss is sunken in, and an emboss is raised.


Why Colorplan?

Colorplan is a brand of paper from G . F Smith. For over 135 years, G . F Smith has been obsessed with the simple beauty and limitless possibilities of paper, and Colorplan is their flagship product. The colour range is fantastic, with 55 colours and multiple finishes. It’s a highly tactile uncoated stock that is made in Great Britain and is synonymous with quality throughout the design community.

Why use Ashwyk to print your cards?


We’ve been doing this for over 16 years. Our passion, integrity and obsession with quality at a fair price has enabled us to obtain, keep, and grow with the clients we serve. Here are some of their testimonials:

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