5 Reasons why you should always choose a supplier with an HP Indigo press!

If you need something printed in short to medium runs, quick turnaround and low costs, then you will need to find a digital print provider.
The next thing to ask your potential print provider is whether they have an HP Indigo press! 😉
In the fast-paced world of digital printing, HP Indigo stands out as the undisputed leader, offering precision, vibrancy, and eco-consciousness. Here are five key reasons behind its supremacy:

1 – Litho quality with the benefits of digital:

Thanks to HP Indigo’s ElectroInk technology and offset process, meticulous detail and superior ink adhesion are guaranteed. This results in a print quality that closely resembles the look and feel of traditional lithography.

2 – Speed:

With minimal setup time, impressive press running speed, and virtually no waste, HP Indigo stands out as one of the fastest presses for short to medium run lengths.

3 – White and Metallic Ink Brilliance:

HP Indigo’s cutting-edge innovation now includes the application of white and metallic ink, opening up a realm of creative possibilities and infusing your prints with a touch of elegance and luxury. Integrate personalisation into the mix, and you’ve crafted a truly winning combination.

4 – Sustainability

HP Indigo presses are made carbon neutral, using hazard-free liquid ElectroInk and are designed for minimal waste and energy consumption. No plates, minimal set up and a huge range of environmental papers.

5 – Versatility with Creative Papers and recycled stocks:

HP Indigo’s flexibility shines with a diverse range of substrates and specialty inks, allowing for innovative solutions across various applications: creative, textured, and coloured papers – from synthetic papers and papers made from paper cups to recycled agricultural waste.
Perhaps most importantly, HP Indigo works incredibly well when combined with traditional processes such as foiling, embossing, debossing, and die cutting, which is what we specialise in!
At Ashwyk, our commitment to quality is epitomised by our long-standing use of HP Indigo technology, a core element in our continued success. If you have a print project coming up, or would like to see samples we would love to hear from you.

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