How to carbon offset all your printed paper as standard!


All of the digital papers we stock are now carbon offset as standard…


This means you can now display either of the two logos above on all your work printed with Ashwyk!


Basically, all paper we stock from Premier is carbon offset through the Woodland Trust, and all paper we stock from Antalis is carbon offset through the World Land Trust.


Some of the paper brands that can use the Woodland Trust logo (Premier):

• All silk and gloss (Essential/Garder/Condat)
• Arco print
• Evolution recycled
• Splendorgel
• Tintoretto
• Sirio

Some paper brands that can use the World Land Trust logo (Antalis):

• All silk and gloss (Claro/Silver/UPM)
• I print
• Image Indigo
• Popset
• Conqueror



Environmental responsibility is at the heart of most businesses and at Ashwyk, we’re keen to play our part. To do this, we automatically carry out carbon offsetting on all the paper and board we stock.


This enforces your environmental values and enhances your brand, raising your status in the eyes of the consumer or customer. Any printed work you buy from us at Ashwyk – be it silk, gloss, uncoated, recycled (paper or board) – can display the World Land Trust or Woodland Trust logos.


What is carbon offsetting?


We work with the World Land Trust and the Woodland Trust to deliver carbon balanced paper and board. It’s a way of reducing the impact of our product, and a way you and your business can make all your communication environmentally-responsible. Programmes such as Carbon Capture from the Woodland Trust calculate the average volume of CO2 created by the manufacture and disbursement of paper and board. This is then offset by the manufacturers who pay a set amount (verified by DEFRA and the Woodland Trust) which is used to help purchase woodland and develop existing woodland.


Why is it important?


Woodland is the second largest storage of CO2, after the oceans. Worldwide destruction of woodland for manufacture and building is having a negative impact on our environment and contributing to climate change. By taking action to minimise our impact, we can help preserve the world we live in.


What are the benefits to businesses?


As well as the obvious benefits of mitigating climate change, choosing paper made by a company that supports these initiatives has a hugely positive impact for your business. You can use the Woodland Trust or World Land Trust logo in all your printing and marketing communications.


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