Add life and soul to your print with Gilt Edging


The Benefits of Gilt Edging


To put it simply, gilt edging adds class and authenticity to your printed project. What’s more, you don’t need to opt for traditional gold or silver, but can choose from the whole spectrum of colours on the market. That includes metallics, diffraction foils, rainbow foils, gloss foils, satin or matt foils and fluorescent colours. Another outstanding technique that’s very similar is to paint the edges, using similar foiling techniques but with ink – this option opens up the entire spectrum of Pantone colours.

It’s quite possible you’ve seen gilt edging on business cards, invitations, letterheads and books in the past and noticed just what high quality it provides. As a result, you may well think that gilt edging is out of your reach in terms of affordability, but it’s more cost effective than you might think. Why not take time to discuss your print needs with one of the experts at Ashwyk to find out more?

Gilt edging can really bring life to printed projects and also provides a statement of high worth and premium quality. It is becoming an increasingly popular finish in the contemporary business world. One of the beauties of gilt edging is that it works better on thicker card as the finish is even more effective. Not all printers have the skill and expertise to provide gilt edging and duplexing, so it’s not available everywhere.



How does gilt edging work?


In the gilt edging process, foil or ink is applied to the very edges of the paper or board. Gilt edging is the last finishing process. Once the product has been trimmed, it is then clamped tight within a block, and all relevant edges are sanded until a mirror smooth finish is achieved. At this point, foil or ink is applied. Foil is normally applied from a roll via a brush and ink is normally mixed then applied via brush or spray.

Gilt edging offers the highest levels of professionalism to business cards and other premium products and is a subtle indicator of the quality of service offered by your business. Transforming your business stationery, leaflets and booklets into show-stopping works of art is easily achieved when gilt edging techniques are utilised.

Ashwyk is passionate about providing the highest quality to all clients. We help you in every aspect of your project from stock choice, artwork & proofing to finishing and delivery. Our speciality is combining new print technology with traditional methods of finishing. Get in touch to find out more.


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