Business cards that mean business

What does your business card say about you? They may be small in size but actually should be huge in impact. Over the years you will have seen hundreds or even thousands of varying quality but the ones that stand out are the ones which truly represent the company’s offering.

So do they still have value in todays digital world? Absolutely they do. First and foremost they are a tangible reminder of your first meeting and first impressions last. You will want to stand out from the competition even when you are not there and a quality card can put you in that lead position.

Although only a small component, it is still an important piece of marketing collateral and as such should be given the same attention as any other client touch point. There are so many different substrates, printing techniques and specialist finishes available that no business card needs to be dull!

At Ashwyk we pride ourselves on offering expert advice backed up by years of industry experience. We have recently re produced our own business cards using white ink and deboss rounded off with magenta foil gilt on all four edges – simply stunning.

A good business card should be an extension of your brand and as such need to be outstanding, impactful and attractive to your potential clients. We are constantly pushing boundaries to support creativity and create outstanding results. If you are looking to leave a lasting impression with your business cards then give us a call. We would love to discuss the options from white ink to foiling, spot UV to die cutting and everything in-between. We can offer cost effective solutions on large and small orders and most importantly a high quality product delivered on time that will support your Marketing plan and achieve business results.

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