Our new press, mixing old technology with new.

Ashwyk now combine state of the art HP Indigo printing technology with the traditional craftsmanship of high end foil blocking, embossing & die cutting!

We’ve seen a massive increase in companies understanding the true value of high quality printing & finishing. We know that choosing traditional print over the ever evolving digital media space requires thought and in some instances, patience. But the end result can be stunning and incredibly effective. That’s why we have invested in a classic piece of kit, the Heidelberg GT platen press. Along side this old technology lies our existing HP Indigo press which means we can produce the very best all under one roof. A perfect mix of old & new.


It’s fair to say that the print industry has had a bit of a kick in in the last 20 years or so. The recent recession hasn’t helped but it’s the explosion of the internet that has had the biggest impact. No one does huge print runs anymore, and to be honest that’s a good thing. The only real tool to reach the masses is pixels on screen not ink on paper. But what if you only need to reach a few thousand?

Emails are great, the internet is great but having a physical item that you can touch & feel that you know has been produced by someone who not only cares but has been trained at the very highest standard. Well, that will always win. It’s just about finding that value and choosing the right people to produce it.

I’m hoping that the new appointment of Paul (our foil blocker with 30 years experience), our refurbished classic Heidelberg GT foiling machine, our state of the art HP Indigo press and our reliable professionalism will make the choice quite easy.


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