A short guide to designing a lookbook

Lookbooks can be fantastic marketing materials, particularly in industries such as fashion and interior design. However, putting one together can feel daunting, particularly if you have never produced one before.

High quality, unique photos

It should go without saying that your photos should be top notch. If you’re taking them yourself, that’s great. If you’re hiring a professional, be sure to let them know which items and elements of your products you’d like them to emphasise. It is essential that your products, and specifically whatever it is that makes your products special, stand out.

You may well love the photos you already have on your website or blog – just be sure to include unique photographic content in your lookbook and make sure the pictures are high enough quality for print!

Creating copy

Your copy should give customers enough information to make educated purchase decisions without going overboard. Although there’s no hard and fast rule for word counts per product, you’re usually safe with between 30 and 60 words paired with each photo or product. Like your photos, your copy should be created with purpose for your lookbook.

Ensure that all of your text can be easily read once printed out – remember, printed materials don’t always look the same as their online counterparts.

Keep it coherent

When it comes to fonts, coherence is generally key. The same goes for overall style. You may even wish to choose a thematic approach, as is done for many lookbooks.

Overall, your lookbook should be consistent with your brand personality. One perspective on lookbooks is that they should present, and possibly shape, your brand.

Blank spaces

Don’t be afraid of white spaces. There’s a tendency to attempt to fill every millimetre of every page with ink, but leaving white space helps to avoid an overcrowded appearance, and keeps your lookbook looking sophisticated.

If you still aren’t quite sure about the layout and design of your lookbook, run it past us! We print top quality lookbooks on our HP Indigo press, and we just so happen to have friends in high places – we provide printing services for a selection of Britain’s best graphic designers, and are happy to ask them to help you arrive at an ideal creative solution.

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