Business cards still matter

There are so many ways to make contact with a potential customer or business partner these days that the humble business card is sometimes considered a relic of a bygone age. But those that think like that are losing business.

Business cards are still a relevant and useful business tool that more than justifies the expense. For a start, even though they’re traditional, a business card marks you out as unique these days.

Don’t go bland, fully exploit modern printing techniques, such as foil blocking, to create a truly memorable piece of design, a visually arresting artwork in its own right that will instantly create the right impression. This is, of course, especially important for marketing, advertising and design-based businesses, but anybody can benefit from a slick business card that truly stands out from the pack.

Choose the finest paper stock you can afford, it really makes a tactile difference, or even go hi-tech with a Perspex card. Always make sure your printer is using the very best devices, such as HP Indigo digital printing technology, to ensure that you get the best possible result.

When you meet someone at an event or simply in a restaurant and hand them a business card, the simple act of handing it to them while discussing a potential service or deal will mentally reinforce the meeting. That means they’ll remember you.

Not only that, but people meet hundreds of people and store endless information electronically. A business card is a physical reminder, a simple piece of card, plastic or even glass that will instantly remind them of your conversation and create another touch point. Everybody knows that touch points are crucial and the more you have, the greater your chance of making a sale.

Your card can be so much more than a static display of your contact information, though. Simply including a QR code can help draw a prospect into a virtual tour of your services, product, or portfolio. Give them a simple invitation into your world with the business card and you’ll be surprised how many potential clients will explore your work in an idle moment through sheer curiosity. If even one of them turns into a sale, your business card has already paid off in spades.

So if you’re wondering whether you really need a business card then the answer is yes, you absolutely do.

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