Student portfolios using Digital print

As a university student, standing out from the crowd can be the difference between who that fantastic postgraduate position goes to, and competition is fierce come June when students fly the nest and embark on a mission to find that elusive first job.

First impressions count for a lot when it comes to impressing potential employers – whether that’s during your course, at your degree show, at interviews, or just by a little bit of harmless spamming through the post! Presenting images and text is a completely open book (no pun intended, honest) and you can go about it in thousands of ways. Documents such as design reports, portfolios, statements of intent, architectural documents, graphic design artwork, illustration examples and much more can be beautifully compiled into neat and impressive booklets, brochures and bound books, all professionally printed for that extra wow factor!

Here are three examples of print that would wonderfully demonstrate a body of student work:

Perfect for: fashion designers, stylists, chefs, daterers, and many more.

Perfect for: Photographers from all trades and walks!

Perfect for: Interior designers, Interior stylists, textiles students and more.

Rather than having bundles of paper, documents, ratty sketchbooks, badly bound booklets and other student essentials, why not take the presentation of your work up a notch and create a stunning and highly professional look book?

After all, work that has taken so much effort deserves to be properly shown off when the time comes, and employers will be seriously impressed not just by your work, but also by your design skills, your sense of foresight and professionalism and, of course, the fact that you have displayed your initiative in a creative way.

We operate in the UK and are specialists in HP Indigo printing (offset digital printing). We make sure your work looks perfect, ensuring that your documents have the fastest turnaround time possible so that you can be prepared at a moments notice. We even offer same day delivery to some locations, and you can’t say fairer than that!

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